Self tanning kit including organic lavender body sponge, tanning towels, body oil, body wash, and body scrub.
Tanning towel showing one tanned leg and one untanned leg, holding single tanning towel in package
Tanning towel being used on woman's arm in blue bathing suit
Single Tournesol Sunpop tanning towel in Medium colour
Single Tournesol Sunpop tanning towel in Dark colour
Bathorium Konjac walnut konjac sponge in box and out of box
Green Envee Relax lavender scented body oil
Green Envee Relax Calming body scrub
Green Envee Relax calming body wash
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The Body Glow Box

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A complete self-tanning kit to give your face and body a streak-free, bronzed glow.

We recommend cleansing and exfoliating your body first before using any self tanners, which is why we've included all the products you need to get the best tan!

Body Glow kit comes with:

  • 8oz. Green Envee Body Wash
  • Bathorium Konjac Body Sponge
  • 8oz. Green Envee Body Scrub
  • 2 large tanning towelettes in either a Medium or Dark tan (try Medium if you're just starting out with self-tanning, Dark if you're an all-year self-tanner)
  • 4oz. Green Envee Body Oil