Cecile Cassan, RPN

All cosmetic injection services are performed by Cecile Cassan. Cecile has been a nurse for 14 years and has experience in the ER, neuro science, pediatrics, geriatrics, sports medicine, clinical research, and cosmetics.




Cosmetic filler can be used for many different areas of the face. The most common are lips, nasolabial folds (the folds that run from the corner of your nostril to your mouth), cheek augmentation, and treatment of deep wrinkles or scars. Once the swelling is completely gone and the product has settled. treatment results are apparent two weeks post injection. Results usually last 9-12 months. With any cosmetic injection the most common side effect is bruising. The best way to avoid bruising is for the patient to avoid anti-inflammatories for 72 hours prior to treatment and alcohol for 24 hours prior to treatment.



BOTOX is derived from bacteria that temporarily blocks nerve activity. Besides its use as an effective wrinkle eraser, it is safely used for several medical conditions such as chronic migraine, overactive bladder, and spasms in the neck. Cosmetic muscle relaxers are injectable medications that block nerve transmission to specific muscles, preventing those muscles from contracting and creating wrinkles in the face. By using a very tiny needle and precise injection techniques, Botox can deliver cosmetic muscle relaxers with minimal discomfort, if any. Cosmetic muscle relaxers are used in a very specific fashion, only treating the top third of the face. That being said, our practitioners use them to correct the following cosmetic issues: crow’s feet, frown lines between the eyebrows, and horizontal wrinkles on the forehead.



PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma and has been used in cardiac surgery since the 1970’s. It became popular in the 80’s when doctors discovered it was very useful in the healing of injuries and so many athletes started to use it as a way to recover quickly from muscle tears, tendon and ligament injuries. PRP is your own plasma, so there is no chance of an allergic reaction. The procedure involves collecting blood, spinning it in a centrifuge, and injecting the plasma into the desired treatment area. PRP restores the elasticity that we lose during the aging process. There are growth factors located in our plasma that will create younger looking skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It is especially effective on acne or other scars. It has also been successful in hair re-growth for both men and women. As each patient’s health status and history is different, an in-person consultation is required to ensure the treatment is appropriate for each individual. Most patients complete a series of three treatments, one to two weeks apart, and will see the best results approximately 3-5 weeks post treatment.

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