NATURAL SET / 75 min / $125

Approximately 50 lashes per eye. Very natural and similar to wearing one coat of mascara.

CLASSIC SET / 1 hr 45 min / $165

Approximately 75 lashes per eye. Bolder looking than Natural Set and similar to the look of mascara and eyeliner.

FULL SET / 2 hr 15 min / $225

Approximately 120 lashes per eye or as many lashes as will fit on your eyes. Gives a dramatic look similar to strip lashes.

2 WEEK FILL / 45 min / $65

Must have extensions done by us within 14 days.

3 WEEK FILL / 75 min / $95

Must have extensions done by us within 21 days.


Free if getting a set done by us.


  • Arrive with clean & makeup free lashes.
    • No eye makeup.
    • No strip lash glue.
    • Clean lashes.
    • No oily residue/build up.
  • If you’ve had a lash lift recently, it’s best to let your lift grow out completely if possible


  • Keep lashes dry and away from any moisture for 24 hours. This includes saunas, steam rooms, tanning beds and anywhere with high levels of humidity.
  • Use oil-free products around your lashes (makeup and skincare products).
  • Brush lashes daily especially in the morning.
  • Try not to sleep on your face. You can use eye masks made to protect your lashes.
  • Clean lashes daily (even if you don’t wear eye makeup). We offer a gentle lash cleaning kit for purchase!
  • Do not pick or pull the lashes.
  • Avoid aggressively rubbing your eyes
  • Avoid using mascara unless specially formulated for extensions.
  • Schedule a fill every 2-3 weeks.