Laser Consultation - 30m

Come in for a no-obligation consultation to discuss your beauty goals and what it would take to achieve those goals. A fee of $25 will only be charged for no-shows or last-minute cancellations, otherwise, consultation is complimentary.

LASER GENESIS - Face - 45m

Laser Genesis procedure uses a non-invasive laser technology to gently heat the dermis to stimulate collagen growth and reduce redness. The result is improved skin texture, smaller pore size, reduced diffused redness, decreased wrinkles, and overall skin rejuvenation. The skin looks healthy right after the treatment, with no redness, blistering, or downtime. Treatment is done in a relaxed, comfortable manner, without the use of topical anesthetics or gel.

LimeLight Photofacial is a non-invasive approach to skin rejuvenation to improve skin tone and surface imperfections such as benign pigmented lesions, vascular lesions, dyschromia, poikiloderma, and mild to moderate inflammatory acne vulgaris. LimeLight Photofacial is ideal for the face, neck, and décolleté that has redness, telangiectasia/spider veins, or brown spots. Light or low contrast brown spots, which were previously difficult to resolve, respond very well to this treatment.
2D Skin Rejuvenation is a combination of Laser Genesis and LimeLight Photofacial in one session. By combining both treatments, clients are able to achieve desired results in fewer treatments and will notice improvements in as early as two to four weeks, with prolonged results 6 months post-treatment.