We offer 3 types of waxes — Nufree Formula, Hard Wax, and Soft Wax — to remove the finest to the shortest, most stubborn of hairs.

We also offer threading!


NUFREE is a soy-based, antimicrobial and antibacterial, botanical product that does not contain any wax and does not adhere to the skin, which means less irritation and less redness!

It can effectively and comfortably remove thick and coarse hairs like those in the underarm and bikiniareas. It can also grip hairs that are only 2mm long, so you don’t have to wait as long for hairs to grow out before waxing again.


Hard wax does not require strips to remove and does not stick to the skin, which makes it less irritating and perfect to use on the face and bikini area.

Lycon brand of hard wax is warmed at low heat and is applied just above skin temperature, making it gentle yet effective.


Soft wax is applied thin and removed with strips. This makes it ideal for quickly waxing larger areas such asarms, legs, backs, and chests without leaving a residue.

Lycon brand of soft wax is warmed at low heat and is applied just above skin temperature, making it gentle yet effective.


FINIPIL is used after each hair removal service to kill 99.999% of germs, thereby preventing infections in the empty hair follicles. It also cools to close the pores and soothes the skin to reduce redness.

To prevent ingrowns, we recommend:

using FINIPIL daily as a part of your home care routine.
gently exfoliating the skin a few times a week with a body brush, 4-7 days after waxing, to eliminate dead skin build-up.
moisturizing daily to keep the skin soft.


Threading is a hair removal technique using cotton thread to remove hair and gives you a precise brow shape with clean, straight lines. Some might even consider it the best method to shape eyebrows!

Brow Wax or Thread / $21

Brow Lesson / 30 min / $40
Have your brows shaped and we’ll teach you how to fill them in correctly!

Upperlip/Chin/Sideburns / $10

Upperlip threading / $10

Full Face (includes brows) / $45

Full Face threading (includes brows) / $45

Neck / $15

Underarm / $15

Half arms / $25

Full arms / $35

Lower back (women) / $20

Full back (women) / $35

Stomach / $15

Bikini line / $20

Full bikini / $40

Brazilian / $45

Lower legs / $30

Upper legs / $35

Full legs / $55